Friday, January 1, 2016

It's a NEW YEAR! 2016

Welcome to the first day of the rest of the year.  
*sounds a bit imposing or ominous?! NOT AT ALL!

"HOWEVER, we DO want to ensure (as your Angels are whispering to me) that you spend THIS day - TODAY - being bright and cheerful, smiling, acting with kindness, treating yourself and others with compassion and thinking BRIGHTLY about your future.

Your future IS bright and you have GREAT THINGS to look forward to this year. You DON'T need to plan and push and effort and try and stress to make all or ANY of these things happen.
*In fact, if you DO any or some of these things - great things WILL NOT HAPPEN. (there's the 'ominous part' :)

SO, BE bright and cheerful and positive and upbeat and act with courage and kindness and complete tasks in a proactive way AND HAVE FUN....
and watch 2016 ROLL OUT TO YOU in a MOST BENEFICIAL and ABUNDANT way."

*back to me now....'What are you waiting for - get started!! Start with a hot cup of tea and then a brisk walk outside....or something like that! Have a BRILLIANT and EVERY DAY of our wonder-full 2016!'

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