Monday, December 14, 2015

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

I remember my (now teenagers) sons asking me …DEMANDING OF ME…when the were halfway through elementary school….’Mom, you HAVE TO TELL US…is Santa REAL?’.  Of course all of our REAL conversations happen in the car…and so I was offered the ‘grace’ of ‘collecting myself’ while I navigated through traffic.  

I thought for a moment and then began explaining to my boys.  

I answered “I have ALWAYS believed in Santa. For me, Santa STANDS FOR belief. More miracles happen at this time of year than at any other time of the year.  This is a DIRECT RESULT of people believing.  **EVEN THOSE WHO DON’T BELIEVE OR WHO SAY THEY DONT’ BELIEVE - still have a KERNEL OF BELIEF within them that WANTS TO BELIEVE …AND THAT COUNTS!!

The more people who believe….creates the energy that GENERATES MIRACLES. 

'Not only do I believe in Santa', I continued 'but I SAW Santa when I was 8 years old as he was leaving our house or at least our neighbourhood.  I was woken on Christmas Eve and walked from my room through to the kitchen. I remember walking into the kitchen and looking through the bay windows in the kitchen area..I saw Santa and his sleigh and reindeer flying from our neighbourhood…over the trees'.   Certainly it may have been a dream...however it FELT real and sometimes that is just enough to INSPIRE BELIEF. 

100% Santa and all of the magic and miracles that his energy brings is REAL.   

We can have this magic and miracles and belief and strength of POSITIVE ACTION … 

Whether we are believing in Santa, in Angels, in Divine healing energy, in the GOODNESS that we can shine out into the world every single day....we MUST believe every single day!

I believe in you.  I believe in all of us. We live in a GOOD world filled with good people. I believe that believing in this will TAKE US ALL INTO A POWERFUL 2016.