Saturday, October 3, 2015

My 'HAPPY PLACE'....(Stress Relief)

Ever since I can remember...when I was 'scared' in my bed late at night....when I was in trouble with my parents...receiving a lecture...(blah blah blah)...when I was in a boring school day....

fast forward to later college and even beyond...WHENEVER I was in a stressful situation...THIS is the image that would pop into my mind...and when it did I could 'tune out' and KNOW that ALL IS WELL.  

'This person', 'this parent', 'this situation', 'this stressor' real (MASSIVE air quotes on this one ...BECAUSE WE KNOW - THIS TOO SHALL PASS)  

HOWEVER, I can be a part of this situation (and I need to be on certain levels because this is all part of my physical life path .... but I can also go to my HAPPY PLACE. 

The first time I went to my 'happy place' - I remember well....I was 7 years old.  I was receiving a parent lecture (bless a parent now myself I KNOW (and hope!) that my kids also have a HAPPY PLACE because as parents we are obligated!) 

Regardless, I REMEMBER sitting in the chair in the living room and hearing the 'talking to'...however was VERY AWARE that I was in 'Strawberry Fields'.  *In my mind, this is what I called it.  It is EXACTLY what this picture looks like.  If you know me, you have often heard me speak of this as this image is a very POPULAR image in decorative artwork for home and in imagery NOW...I am so grateful.  

AT THAT TIME, I was also very aware of the fact that 'I could be there' listening to the talk from my parents....however ALSO BE in my happy Strawberry Fields.  

*Now, also at that time - 7yrs old - NOT (yet) a Beatles fan but was in the making....later on I knew it was a Poppy field I was seeing clearly in my minds eye and yet I always did and still do - call this image when I see it....Strawberry Fields. 


It is SO IMPORTANT to me NOW to have a place where I can completely be my Self, be on my own, be in my own thoughts and KNOW that 



If you have a happy place...excellent! GO THERE REGULARLY.  I still do absolutely have my Strawberry Fields which pops into my 'minds eye' when I need it to - to remind me that regardless of anything that is going on...all is well.  Keep going. 

I found a print of my Strawberry Fields in a shop and have it hanging over my that EACH and EVERY night - I remind myself that whatever transpired through the day (good, bad or indifferent) I ALWAYS live in my HAPPY PLACE. 

FIND PHYSICAL SPACES to be in...where you can be with like minded souls and share energy, peace, well being and courtesy....this feeds your soul...all good. 

**Lately I have spent some time working on my computer (on upcoming projects) at one of my local AMAZING space to be with others in a communal environment.

Find your HAPPY PLACE...within yourself and with your community and SEE and FEEL how this reduces stress and anxiety - promoting peace and a GENERAL SENSE OF confidence, strength and peace.  

Sending blessings always, 

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