Saturday, August 15, 2015

Who am I? *Self Discovery

Seriously this is a question we have all asked our selves AT LEAST ONCE and many of us....many times!

This question comes up from time to time because we are all CHANGING...all EVOLVING...ALL THE TIME in our personal relationships, in our careers, in our parenting styles and even and especially in our thoughts and belief systems.

Life is about moving forward ...and sometimes backwards!  :(  but the point is to keep moving and while you are moving STAY FLUID, FLEXIBLE thereby leaving yourself in an area where you are easily able to see opportunities and you are OPEN enough to allow people and situations and opportunities to FIND YOU!

It's not necessarily the most important thing to know exactly WHO and WHAT you are and you stand for at every single moment along your Life path however it IS CRUCIAL that you stay open to recognizing how you are 'morphing' and evolving as you go along, noticing how you are drawn into some situations and are being led away from others.

In this way, we are fully allowing our Higher Self to guide us to where we need to be, to where we will be our 'most happiest Self' and to where we can be of service to others and as well CRUSH!  our Soul Path mission!! :)

Be your best Self in this moment - whoever that may be - and enjoy, appreciate and honour that which you are!

Shining blessings to you!

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