Friday, August 7, 2015


There is not a whole heck of a lot that we are SURE OF in this life (or any other life quite possible however that may be ANOTHER blog post!! haha!)

As usual, I digress...the point is...(which I eventually get round to) is that in this life we are SURE that at some point WE WILL NEED HELP

AND also (if we are being honest) we are SURE that at some point WE WILL BE ABLE TO OFFER HELP.

Let's focus on the latter.  Very often we can be of assistance to another but sometimes we think the kind of help we have to offer may 'not be enough' or we may even feel that we don't have enough time (we wait until we feel that we have more time....does that time ever come?)

I TRULY BELIEVE that when we have been in the position of the former, which we ALL have been in at some point....ANY INDICATION of help, assistance, a kind word from someone (anyone!)  is SO WELCOME regardless of the 'size' of the offering or time spent....ANY kind word or helpful gesture...or smile can be SO HUGE.  We have it to give.

NOW, focusing on the former....HELP ME!  Has this ever been you?  Of course we have all been in this position and maybe even some of you are in this place right now...I ask that the people 'in your circle' recognize this and reach out to you and ALSO that you actively put yourself in and around places in your community where people are able to connect with you....and also that when help is being offered you are in a place in your heart where you are able to receive it.

Of course, sending Angels and blessings and gratitude your way....whether you are the one who is offering help or the one receiving help....KNOW that we all BALANCE our entire life journey....either offering help or receiving help....or optimally BOTH!  Shining helping and healing energy to you on your pathway...Thank you for giving...and RECEIVING.

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