Thursday, August 6, 2015

Energy forecast August 2015 *RELAX...and GET READY!!

Here we are in August and ... enjoying every minute of it!  An interesting time as we are being urged to certainly REST and balance our time WELL between relaxing and also getting a few things done to be sure HOWEVER the 'rest component' is really KEY as we do have a VERY busy Fall season lined up. 

Many people will be feeling their 'engines revving' as they connect (knowingly or unknowingly) with the anticipation of change, busy times ahead and the ability to break through previous held barriers on their Life path. 

But the time for this is....not quite yet.  Our responsibility this month is to our personal levels of energy.  To restore our own Life force energy through rest, meditation, spending time outside, reading, spending time with friends, exercising (and then more rest!) SO THAT WE ARE IN AN ENERGETIC PRIME LOCATION to be able to easily spot the signs and symbols that are going to lead us forward in the upcoming weeks and months. 

Remember that these signs and symbols are shown to us all the time however very often we are not TUNED IN enough to notice, recognize or take advantage of opportunity when it is shown to us.   

This month, GET READY by RELAXING and BALANCING your Self, your energy, your home life, your work life, your personal relationships and ultimately your entire state of BEing.   Enjoy your time and know that great things are on the way to you.

Shining blessings and abundance to you in your month of AUGUST!

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