Friday, June 5, 2015

Video Angel message for June 2015

Okay, SO!  Connecting STRONGLY this month with Archangel Gabriel....we are being guided towards....FUN!    ANY time we are connecting with fun we are connecting with Inner child AND .... something that I didn't touch on in the video message...
Inner child is actually the STRONGEST part of our Self. 

Inner Child is the part of us that is MOST connected with our Angels and with our Soul path.  This part of our Self KNOWS NO discouragement, disillusion, betrayal, doubt, guilt, shame, fear, worry.....this Inner child is pure....AND STRONG.  

This inner child is within us and when we connect with this part of our Self ~ WE are PURE and STRONG.  

This is ALL GOOD people!   The only 'catch' that to connect with this Inner child we have to do 'the work' in what I call a 'side door manner'.   We MUST schedule time to NOT EFFORT towards connecting with strength but instead....

schedule have FUN. 

It does seem like a bit of an oxymoron HOWEVER some of us have gotten SO FAR away from 'personal fun'...that we need to make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to incorporate it back into our schedules!  JUNE is the month to do it!

I mention a couple of things that I LOVE to do to have fun for my SELF....however those that are part of my ALCP family or who I have connected with through the Meditation evenings or through private session  KNOW that I also love TO BOWL!  (10 pin....not to brag...ok, maybe just a little!!)   .... and I love to go SHOPPING!  haha!  

Find what YOU love to do for YOU this month as it is a POWERFUL month to connect not only with Archangel Gabriel helping you to feel safe in your own power...but also with YOUR STRENGTH OF SELF...your Inner child. 
Have a FUN month of June...together with your Angels! 
Shining blessings your way, 

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