Wednesday, April 22, 2015


What is your highest and most implausible goal?  Even tho' you KNOW in your heart of hearts that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that this can or will happen for you.

and IN SPITE OF THIS FACT or at least belief, this goal is SO consistently and INSISTENTLY gnawing at you!  Every time you try to 'LOGIC IT AWAY'....THERE IT IS.

THIS is what you should be paying most attention to.

You see, it is not whether or not we can figure out a way to get to our goals and dreams it IS whether or not we BELIEVE in our goals and dreams.

Can we see ourselves 'there', can we imagine it....CAN WE FEEL IT?

If we can ... then we are already halfway there.  YES!  That's true!

You see when we believe in our Self and our goals 100%  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT...then we open up the doors of the Universe, the doors of opportunity, the gateway to challenge and the new horizon and landscape of SUCCESS.

You don't have to figure out 'the how'...