Monday, March 2, 2015


What is your message?  Are you thinking it or are you actually saying it?  Are you actually saying what you are thinking?  Do you overthink your message?  Do you overthink it ...before...or after you share your message?  Do you send messages without thinking at all?

SO MANY QUESTIONS when it comes to messaging.  So many things to consider!

Are you sharing your message with love, kindness and compassion?  Are you sharing this message because people 'need to hear it'?  Are you sharing this message because your ego is asking - NAY! DEMANDING! - that you share it?  (uh oh)

How will the other person(s) respond to your message?  What if they don't agree?  Is your message helpful....or hurtful?

Oh dear.
Enough already.  I'm afraid you have spent so much time on analyzing and overthinking your message that now there is simply not the energy to share...anything.

The point is that there are so many messages that are shared with us over any given amount of time. Some of these messages resonate with us and...some don't.  Some messages we like to hear and some messages... we don't like to hear.  Some we recognize as being the truth...and some messages are simply that person's opinion.  They have every right to share it just as we have every right to take it...or leave it.

It's as simple as that!  If you are guided to share your message then BY ALL MEANS share it!  Don't second guess or overanalyze or overthink it or put so much pressure on your Self to say the right thing ALL OF THE TIME.  No one does.

WE ALL SIMPLY SHARE and so be one of those people also - sharing your messages openly with others....for any and every reason under the sun...just keep sharing your knowledge, your opinion and your Light!

Archangel Gabriel shines through us when we are sharing our messages.  She is the messenger Angel and she ensures that we feel safe enough in our own power to share messages.  Know that each message we share holds a reason for being shared....whether it is a reason that can be seen right away or held for a later 'truth unveiling'....feel confident in sharing and receiving all types of messages.

ESPECIALLY the internal messages you share with your Self - be your own biggest supporter and messenger Angel!

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