Friday, February 13, 2015

Stressed, tired and just plain run down?

Well, by all means DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU!

Why would we let a little stress, fear, anxiety, worry and even guilt break our spirit?  A little of all of these is 'healthy' is it not?  To really 'feel the fire' of all of these emotions burning within us keeps our inner fire STOKED with the determination and the drive to CHARGE FORWARD.

Oh my goodness.
It sounds so odd, so strange, SO BACKWARDS to actually write down those words and thought processes as I believe that sometimes subconsciously we can actually let some of those thoughts and feelings run through our minds in order to ensure we stay focused on our dreams and goals or the 'big project' at work or while we are building our 'second jobs' and in some cases our entreprenurial endeavours.

So, NO.
It is NOT healthy or wise or even motivating in any way to allow our mental, emotional and physical Self to be stressed or run down in any way.

While we cannot control the factors in every day life that ABSOLUTELY will provide us with all of the ingredients we need to stress us out, exasperate us, worry us, 'feel the burn' of other people's judgements or opinions....YES! all of these things can and will happen
WE CAN CONTROL our response to these factors.  We can control whether we take a short break to honour our Self.  Take a step outside (the magical answer to a quick Energy healing) and BREATHE in deeply (another magical answer!) and say the word 'RELEASE' in your mind or out loud and feel any of the 'stuff that drags you down'.....floating away from you on your exhale.  (*Repeat as many times as you choose)

See?  A quick energy healing  (I call this the ENERGY RESET) can be had at any time, free of charge and can be done as many times a day as you choose.

You are in control of your own ENERGY RESET in 3 easy steps;
1. Step OUTSIDE (even detaching yourself from the situation in your mind is helpful if you are unable to actually leave the room or step outside)
2. BREATHE in deeply
3. Say the word 'RELEASE'

NOW, have a powerfully productive and HIGH ENERGY day!
Shining blessings your way,

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