Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Comfort Zone

Yes indeed....THE COMFORT ZONE.

It sounds so 'comforting' FAMILIAR.

These are all wonderful words and create such warm feelings within us of being protected and surrounded by all the things we know and love EXCEPT for when we are talking about COMFORT ZONE many times these familiar and comforting words and feelings can leave us feeling and BEING STUCK and UN-comfortable within our own situations.

TRULY as we are ALL meant to be MOVING FORWARD this year....we need to HEED THE CALL from our Angels, from our Higher Self.....from our COMMON SENSE that tells us to head out into unchartered waters...boldly!

Learn something new, BE your SELF entirely WITHOUT being concerned with other people's judgements and opinions ....or your own.

Try something new, be something new and WATCH where these NEW SITUATIONS, opportunities and endeavours take you!

Your life...your personal life path mission is just waiting for you to STEP BOLDLY towards it.

This year, this month....TODAY!  Step out of your comfort zone, paste a smile on your face because YOU CAN DO IT!!

YOU can be who you were meant to TRULY BE in this life...your Self!

"Unplugged and IN CHARGE!"

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I look forward to connecting with you...and your Angels!