Sunday, December 28, 2014

The TOP 10 Angel signs and symbols

Our Angels let us know that they are around us, supporting and protecting us...all the time!  So many times we discount what we are seeing or hearing or feeling as simply ~ coincidence.  And we are RIGHT!  

Angel messages very frequently come to us in a variety of different ways as coincidences, synchronicities or seemingly 'random' occurrences.   Quite simply, the more we ACKNOWLEDGE these signs and symbols as Angel messages...the more likely we are to receive more messages and many times, more SPECIFIC Angel messages which can help us powerfully with life guidance and direction. 

Here are the top 10 Angel Signs and Symbols (in no specific order):
  1. Angel pennies - This Angel sign has been replaced by the dime here in Canada as pennies have been made redundant however if you do still see a penny lying on the floor - this is an even stronger Angel sign!  **Any repetitive coin (for those around the world) that you see lying on the floor or find in a pocket or in a 'random' place to catch your attention is considered a powerful Angel sign. 
  2. Feathers are likely to be the most recognized Angel symbol as they do remind us of the feathers of an Angel's wing.  Certainly finding a feather is a strong reminder that they are close at hand.
  3. Orbs floating through the air are also an indicator of Angel energy around.  These orbs can be seen quite plainly and often in photography however they can also be seen sometimes floating through the air in the room or in people's auras.
  4. Flashing lights or lights which suddenly turn off...or on are also powerful Angel signs that their energy and protective guidance are around you.  Pay particular attention to what is being said or what you are thinking of at the time the lights are 'playing' with your Angels.  This may be your Angels way of drawing attention to an Angel message that is being shared with you at that moment. 
  5. Slight breezes within the room also signal that Angels are nearby.  Seeing a door open slightly or even feeling a small breeze by your side are some of the ways in which they use this symbol.
  6. Electronics such as radios, televisions, Ipods and laptops which suddenly turn on or off can also be an Angel message for you. Particularly if the TV or laptop suddenly turns on - notice what the program or screen is showing as well if your radio or Ipod suddenly springs to life then noticing which song is currently playing can also be your Angel message.  
  7. Phones ringing and then no one is on the other end as well as dropped calls can also be your Angel's way of 'getting your attention' in order to let you know that they are with you or to help deliver an Angel message to you or to someone you may be contacting.  Pay attention to what is being said or what you were thinking at the time of the missed/dropped call.
  8. Numbers that stand out to you (favourite numbers, street addresses), repetitive numbers and number sequences are all ways in which our Angel numbers communicate with us.  
  9. 'Seeing something out of the corner of your eye' but when you turn your head to look...there is nothing there.  This is an Angel message that is most commonly used by the Nature Angels or Elementals to catch your attention, to get you to laugh (sometimes at yourself!) to lighten the mood.  The 'lighter' your mood the more likely you are to connect with your Angels - have a laugh!
  10. Fragrances or familiar scents hanging in the air for 'no apparent reason' always lets you know that your Angels are with you. Quite often they use a scent that reminds you of a certain person or time in your life where you hold a pleasant memory of feelings of being protected.

There are so many ways in which our Angels connect with us each and every day.  The more we are aware of the different ways in which they are already connecting with us - the stronger our connection with them will be.

Shining Angel Light to you,

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I look forward to connecting with you...and your Angels!