Monday, November 10, 2014

Ya gotta believe!

When you believe.....GREAT things happen.

When you don't believe (in your Self, in other people, in abundance, in 'good things' coming to you, in your Angels....)
then good things DO NOT come your way.

But WAIT!  It's actually WORSE than that!

When you don't believe, you give your Lower Self a SOLID PLATFORM to 'grab the mike' and we all know what Lower Self can do when it starts talking!  It begins by telling you that you are not good enough...for anything!  It tells you that you will never amount to anything and THEN Lower Self starts blaming other people and situations for the reasons why Lower Self thinks that good things aren't coming to you....AND YOU BELIEVE LOWER SELF!

NO!  That is not the way!  It's not the way forward!

To move forward   'Ya gotta believe'!  
Believe in good. 
Believe in others.
Believe great things are on the way to you. 
Believe in your Self. 
Believe in the power of positivity. 
Believe in your Angels. 

Shining Angel Light on you....and your belief system ;)
Have a powerful day!

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