Thursday, November 20, 2014


Ok, SO HOW INSPIRED AM I?  Once again, and those of you who know me also know that I LOVE The Voice!  Those of you who have paid attention! (lol)  know that I love The Voice because they CATCH PEOPLE DOING THINGS RIGHT!

...and this is KEY, I believe in order to bring out the BEST in people....simply, to 'catch people doing things RIGHT' makes a powerful difference in the World.    It's so easy to find our Selves, in others, with our work situation, with the state of the world....

and IT IS SO REFRESHING to find people and situations, TV shows, work places....who only look to the BEST of situations...they look to SUPPORT AND INSPIRE!

Is that where you are?  I think it is...otherwise...I don't believe you would be reading this.  I want to say and your Angels want to say...GOOD FOR YOU!  and THANK YOU.

So, I was watching The Voice this evening and caught Damien Lawson's rendition of 'He ain't Heavy, he's my brother'

Here's the thing ~
TWO things really made an IMPACT for me.....firstly, the emphasis that Damien put on these lyrics, (and listen again so you can GET THIS if you didn't the first time.... the more I listen to this the more I GET IT...and LOVE it!)

So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We'll get there

Secondly and actually most importantly I feel, as I was watching the show....Damian went on to say after he had sung that he really connected with the song because he truly felt that he was singing to all of the people in our dear world...(paraphrasing)....his sentiment was that WE ARE ALL FAMILY and that the more we ensure that OUR INTENTIONS ensure that ...


we will get there! 

I am so grateful this evening for the people that I have the distinct pleasure of being able to connect with...each person making a difference in their own way, in their own a powerful and positive and supportive way.  

I thank you and your Angels thank you 
for making the welfare of others....your concern. 

Keep shining your Angel Light ~ brightly!
SENDING OUT AN 'Angel SHOUT OUT' (as my teenage boys would say!)  to all of those Angel Light people in Denmark....sending blessings your way! ... I hope to be travelling your way soon!

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