Sunday, November 2, 2014

Angel miracles

So often we are in need.
In need of healing, in need of reassurance, in need of compassion, in need of security, safety...kindness and strength.

Sometimes we need this so badly and yet...there doesn't seem to be anyone or anything who can fill this need for us...even though what we are in need of seems so can feel like we are seeking a miracle.

This miracle can be found in a kind word, a smile or by someone reaching out to us to offer to ... hold our hand.

Please don't underestimate the healing power that you hold.  Simply by holding someone else's hand, clasping their shoulder in an hour of need and partnered with a smile, a kind may be offering them their miracle.

How many miracles can you perform today?

This is the work of the Angels and by 'offering miracles' ... you are also an Angel.

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I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"