Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let your heart be free!

Let your heart be free!  Feel it rising high into the sky!  Feel the sunshine warming it on all sides and feel your heart shining sunshine out to all those around it.  There is no need for our hearts to be 'down' on ground level, tied to disappointment or stressful situations.

There is EVERY need for our hearts to be flying free and clear of any of the 'worldly concerns' that threaten to holds us down at any given moment of any day.

RISE ABOVE IT!  Let your heart be free and feel the freedom within you rise up with it!

As you 'set the tone' for other hearts around you to be light, happy, joyful, FREE and SHINING FREEDOM OF SPIRIT to all those around also inspire others to set their hearts free.  Soon we will have everyone's heart flying free for all to see for miles and miles around.

What a beautiful sight!   Shining from my heart to yours, have a beautiful day!

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I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"