Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Angel messages for SUCCESS IN LIFE!

SO TRULY it's really not that hard to enJOY your pathway forward.
First of all, try smiling.
Wipe that GRIM face off....and replace it with a light and approachable face.   Am I really hearing some people saying....'How do I do that?  I have bills to pay. I have a schedule that just won't quit.  I have deadlines that are NO WHERE near reachable. I have my friend/family member/boss/kids  'on my case'.....

Whoa. Stop the bus. ...and stop your train of thought as well.

Take a very deep breath in and release very slowly all the way .... repeat twice more.
and then choose some of these of the list to also complete;

1. go outside
2. smile
3. LAUGH!  (Find something funny on Youtube and have a giggle. I can MOST definitely recommend   BEST OF FUNNY TALKING ANIMALS  (click the link to have a quick 3 minute laughing break)
4. Ensure your words and your actions are supportive of others - and see how the energy is returned to you.
5. Tell your Self that 'All is truly well'....because it is.  

Your Angels are with you at all times to support you, love you, protect you and help you to heal and move forward powerfully.

Smile, have a laugh ~  share a smile and share a laugh with others and most of all,
Keep shining your Angel Light!

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I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"