Friday, September 12, 2014

Why should I meditate?

Why should I meditate?
Well, many days I used to find myself thinking about how 'crazy' my day is, about how the days (weeks/months/YEARS!) are slipping by so quickly and yes, even how I DON'T HAVE TIME to do anything.  So when people used to suggest that I meditate a little piece of my mind internally would do a little explosion as I stared at them incredulously....Are they not listening? Are they not hearing me??!   I DON'T HAVE TIME and they want to FIND MORE TIME..... to SIT?

So, let's say I do find this time (I remember thinking in my mind). So, I light some candles and put on some soft music, close my eyes, take some deep breaths ..... and then watch my mind whir away ticking off all of the things I have yet to do today (tomorrow, next week) and feel my frustration level rising as I know that at this moment...I am wasting time....THAT I DON'T HAVE.

Yes, very helpful.

OK SO I GET IT takes a bit of a leap of faith to begin HOWEVER (were you waiting for this?) once you get on to a regular practise of meditating....your time windows begin to open up.  Your perceptions shift and you realize that some of the things that you were doing could be delegated or dropped from your schedule altogether. How does this happen?  Through the practise of is MAGICAL!

First, unfortunately you may have to get to where I was at.  I described my first thoughts of meditation and THEN I got to the point where life was whirring away so quickly and my energy and emotions were lower than low and there just didn't seem to be enough energy to even get through today - let alone tomorrow....I had nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by trying!
*and I know that when you are meant to try something, you are not meant to try it once or twice and then expect to see results - you must commit for at least a month and then you can truly see and FEEL RESULTS!

So, I did.  I tried guided meditations on Youtube and then added in some walking meditations where I repeated some affirmations while walking outside and even tried some group meditations.

The results were fantastic....albeit gradual.  The change within me was so incremental that I didn't really notice it for the first few weeks and even after a couple of months, I thought the change had been minimal ... although I kept at it because - I liked it.  I liked the actual process of making a conscious decision that for the next 15 mins (30mins, 60mins whatever I felt I could give to it that day) I was going to simply breathe and NOT WORRY about future or FRET about past this moment all that existed was this moment.  FREEING!

The people around me certainly noticed a change however AND I noticed a change in the people around me.  I  found that interesting as well.  I was 'throwing out' some peaceful and powerful energy to the people around me and they were reflecting it back to me!

After I finished my meditation, my mind was clearer and I felt more peaceful and calm.....STRONGER and more able to move forward in a steady motion (unlike the frenetic and harried mindset I had been in before I began my meditation practice)

This was years and years ago and today I host guided meditations and love the energy that surrounds when a group gets together to increase their energy, become stronger on all levels and!

So, I guess the real question is...
Why SHOULDN'T you meditate!

Treat yourSelf to an energy BOOST and start meditating today!

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