Monday, September 22, 2014

What does an Angel Light message and Taylor Swift have in common? SHAKE IT OFF!

I am a very big fan of Taylor Swift - actually, to be more accurate I am a very big fan of MUSIC and the healing and inspiring qualities of music.
Simply listening to music can be healing and strengthening in so many ways....ANY music! My playlists include  Taylor Swift,    ACDC,    Tchaikovsky,   Brian Adams,   Imagine Dragons,   Mozart,   One Republic ...among others. When you are choosing your varied! There are as many artists and genres in music as there are different sides of your Self, your Soul and your moods. Enjoy them all!

However, this particular piece ~ SHAKE IT OFF ~  is standing out to me as the message in the lyrics is particularly strong AND the message is one that (those that KNOW ME, know this) I tend to 'dwell on'.

Also, those that know me know that I love to dance....and sing (even though my teenage boys have begged me not to!).   Every now and then I get an email/phone call/text message from someone saying "Hey, I saw you in your car at corner of blank and blank and you were dancing!! and it looked like you were singing!"  and I message back with "oh no, I have bluetooth in the car and I was more than likely talking animatedly on the phone"  and I receive ", no - definitely dancing, I couldn't mistake those finger snaps and 'shoulder shuffles' at the red light and as I drove past....I think you may have had your sunroof open...was that Taylor Swift's SHAKE IT OFF I heard?"

and I answer, 'Yes, it more than likely was :) I listen to it all the time!  In fact, I share it with my clients as my most recent Energy tip.  Dancing, 'moving without purpose'! most definitely increases energy in our Sacral chakra which in turn increases our EMOTIONAL FREEDOM!  Why wouldn't everyone dance every time they had the chance?

This reduces the effect of other people's opinions and (possibly unwanted/negative) energies on us....and INCREASES OUR OWN SENSE OF FREEDOM AND  PERSONAL ENERGY.

Increasing our energy doesn't have to be difficult or complicated.  Just dance!

HOWEVER, THIS PARTICULAR SONG..... has an Angel when the song is playing (and the link is at the end of the post if you want to bring these messages to life within you...maybe do a few finger snaps or shoulder shuffles...maybe go for a drive with the sunroof open?!!  :)
This is how the Angels interpret the lyrics of 'Shake it off'.

I stay up too late
Got nothing in my brain
That's what people say
That's what people say
Angels: people underestimate me...but I believe in me - and my Angels believe in me
I go on too many dates
But I can't make them stay
At least that's what people say
That's what people say
Angels: other people's opinions don't matter to me, I do the right thing for my Self & others 
But I keep cruising
Can't stop, won't stop moving
It's like I got this music
In my mind, saying it's gonna be alright
Angels: Life goes on, I keep moving forward and my Angels tell me I am on the RIGHT path -  'All is well'
Cause the players gonna play,play,play
and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate
Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off 
Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break
and the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake
Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off
Angels: Other people will do as they are meant to.  If I disagree, then I will note that -however I  will continue to do what I NEED TO DO and are MEANT TO DO.  I will not let their energies drag me down....I am MOVING FORWARD. I will 'shake it off'
I never miss a beat
I'm lighting up my feet
and that's what they don't see
That's what they don't see
Angels: Even if I am not receiving appreciation for my efforts, I know I am doing well.
I'm dancing on my own
I make the moves up as I go
And that's what they don't know
That's what they don't know
Angels: Even though sometimes I feel I don't have much support in the physical world,  I listen to my own intuition.  I 'forget the plan and stay in the moment'. This is bringing me forward. 

hey, hey, hey
Just thing while you been getting down and out about the liars 
and the dirty dirty cheats of the world
you could have been getting down to this sick beat
Angels: You can CHOOSE to listen to negativity or positivity.  Only ONE of those choices will BRING YOU FORWARD. 

Angel messages come in so many different ways.  Our Angels need to REACH US ALL and so they find all different types of venues for us to be able to connect with them....and more importantly for them to be able to connect with us!  

LISTEN to your Angel messages happening around you every moment in every day and feel their gentle, nurturing messages that will comfort you when you are in need.  Also, feel their powerful messages designed to invite you to action in the areas of your life action is needed.  

Most importantly, feel your Angels around you always.   To listen to this powerful (and FUN!) song ... CLICK HERE AND RECEIVE YOUR ANGEL MESSAGE....(but you know you need to dance to receive it, right?!  :)  
Sending Angel Light your way!  

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I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"