Thursday, September 25, 2014

KNOW limits versus NO LIMITS!

When we were a child we understood anything was possible and yet were not desperate for anything to happen.
We went to bed to rest not to worry.
We got up filled with peace and certainty that  a new magical day was unfolding. 
We understood that we would take each moment as it came.  
We understood that each moment could change drastically and yet we would go with the flow. 

We controlled nothing (we still don’t) and yet we spend so much of our time trying to or being frustrated because we can’t. 
When things go wonderfully we congratulate ourselves for working hard and orchestrating our success.
When things go poorly we berate our selves and wonder where we went wrong and spend much time trying to understand what we could have done better.

When things go wonderfully for us a child we are happy and grateful and when things go poorly we are disappointed … and then that moment passes and we move on to the next moment and the next - there is no blame or self recrimination... just a 'getting on with things'.  

What changed?  (Here's 'THE WHY')

As we grew older, we were blamed for certain situations and so we grew to know blame.
We saw blame shifted, we saw guilt and as we witnessed it - we also grew a sense of it, we grew to know it. We grew to experience it. 

When disappointments happened or hurtful situations,  we decided that we were going to do whatever it takes to make sure that this situation doesn’t happen again.  In a massive effort to try to control things… we placed a limit there.  We KNEW LIMITS.
"I won’t be in this type of relationship again because it hurts when I do"
"I won’t speak in public anymore because someone might make fun of me"
"I won’t go to university because I did poorly in a subject in high school and it made me feel so badly about my scholastics, I just don’t have what it takes, I am stupid."

Our inner child always stays strong because the inner child knows NO LIMITS. 
Anything is possible.
There is no such thing as control for any situation.  
Simply going along the flow of life while acting with the best of intentions and staying IN THE MOMENT, open to opportunities;  ensures all the best comes our way!

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