Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time for CHANGE

We all ask our Angels, our Guides, the Universe, Divine Source....for help and assistance.  

And we SHOULD do- in fact our Angels count on us to do just that!  Our Angels are always around us to help, to support and protect us and when we ask for their help with specific areas in our life then they can help us even more strongly. 

However, sometimes our Angels way of helping us is to INSIST on us helping ourselves.  Let me put this another way, when we ask and ask and ask for help, change or an increase in a certain area of our life and yet we don't see or feel that any help is being given to us ~ sometimes this is our 'Angel cue' that we can take a moment here to pause and reflect.  

We take this moment to not only have an objective look at the area in which we are asking for help but we can take a moment to also look at other areas in our life.  We may not have 'control' over this particular area in our life however there may be another area in our life where we have 'full control' over and THIS area may be where our Angels are asking us to 'make a change', CLEAN IT UP and then they will have an opportunity to bring positive change to us in the area we were asking about to begin with. 

By CLEANING UP certain areas of our life (the areas that we know DEEP DOWN are not helping us and may be inhibiting us) we are MAKING ROOM for our Angels to DOWNLOAD new areas of opportunity, success, happiness, joy, peace, financial abundance, perfect health.......(D - ALL OF THE ABOVE!) 

This week, make a change.  At least take one small step towards a bigger change....and ALLOW YOUR ANGELS  to help you by helping yourself through positive change. 

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I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"