Sunday, August 10, 2014

SUPERMOON, Meteors and shooting stars

Tonight's Full moon promises to be 'THE SUPER-EST' of the SUPERMOONS.
This is the closest that the moon will be to Earth all year and so will appear to be larger than any moon we have seen in a long while or will see in another while!

For those of us who WISH to release energies or situations, mindsets, behaviour patterns that may be holding us back - Tonight represents the NEW YEAR'S EVE of opportunities where we are energetically able to DROP that which holds us back MAKING WAY for NEW ABUNDANCE AND OPPORTUNITIES to gather before us on our Life path!

Never mind the Meteor showers that will also be around for our viewing pleasure in the Night sky this evening!  I remember as a kid, camping with my family and sitting for hours around the fire, head tilted back on the lawn chair scanning the sky for 'shooting stars'.  Every once in a while one of us would exclaim "I SEE ONE!" and every once in a was me that saw one and I would make a wish and hold it in my heart, smiling.....before I continued scanning the sky for my next 'wish opportunity'.

Tonight, as you scan the night sky for your 'wish opportunity' being cleansed by the energy of SUPERMOON....think of me....doing exactly the same thing!

Best WISHES into your SUPERMOON evening!

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