Monday, August 18, 2014


Your own personal energy level is WORTHY of receiving a place on your calendar!

Before we go any further, take a quick peak at your calendar right now.  You probably have your work schedule, kids activities, doctors appointments, bank meetings, teacher meetings, birthday parties (probably not your own), family get togethers etc all scribbled down there decorating your month with an eclectic array of obligations which is ... WONDERFUL! Not to mention necessary HOWEVER when the month is done you can 'chalk one up for Well done' as far as accomplishing everything you set out to do however NOW you have to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN NEXT MONTH!

The difference between this month and last month is because your own PERSONAL ENERGY LEVEL never made it to a spot(s) on your calendar ~ you now have LESS energy to begin this month's series of obstacle courses.

*And this is NOT  a case of 'Less is more'....
this is MOST DEFINITELY a case of 'Less is LESS' 
and what we NEED is MORE!

We need more time and attention placed on our own personal Energy needs.  

Those that are familiar with my Energy focus know that when we are talking about personal Energy we are talking about your;
1.  Physical energy -strength and vitality
2.  Emotional/Mental energy - clarity, joy, focus
3.  Spiritual energy - inner peace, serenity, connected with Higher Self and Source

Make it your PRIORITY this month to sit down and put your ENERGY NEEDS first on the calendar.
When I am building my Energy Schedule for the month, I first pop in all of the events that are 'fixed'. (my work schedule, family obligations etc)  I am VERY CAREFUL with how I discern what is 'fixed' and what is (if I look at things objectively) 'flux'.   For example, teacher's meeting and work schedule is 'fixed' however lunch with mom or paint my son's bedroom may be 'flux'.  (Yes, EVEN THOUGH I have been promising to do it for weeks!)
After all of the 'fixed' events have been placed on the calendar, I then pop in all of the Energy points that really appeal to me on the calendar.  See the list below for some of the Energy points that might appeal to you.  Some will and some won't so be sure to pick the ones that interest you.  Note also that some of the Energy points take up more time and some less so you may pick a 10min Energy point rather than the 45min Energy point for Wednesdays because that is your particularly busy (frenzied!) day of the week. 

 You can still work in a Quick Energy point into every day
 whether you have 10mins or 60mins ~
Your personal energy will continue to improve and increase with your daily focus! 

Some Energy points for you to consider are;
1. Meditation (30 mins or 10 mins - whatever time you have available is helpful.  See my Youtube channel for some meditation links  )
2. Be outside (30 mins or 10 mins  -same as above)
3. Breathe deeply (30/10/2 - even TWO minutes of this is an Energy RESET!)
4. Sea Salt baths - detox and refresh
5. LOSE yourself in beautiful music (my personal favourites by Dan Gibson Solitudes  click here and also here)
6.  Yoga!
7.  Rest and sleep (go to bed early!)
8.  Massage
9.  Reiki/Energy healing
10. Physical exercise (bike riding, walking, gym workouts, exercise class)
11. Positive affirmations

There are so many ways in which to improve and increase your PERSONAL ENERGY.  Some of these might appeal to you and you may have other ways that 'call to you'.  

Note you can also 'double down' on these Energy points! 
You may choose to listen to some beautiful  music or guided meditation as you repeat your favourite positive affirmation(s) to yourself while walking through the park outside or on a nature trail.  POWERFUL STUFF!

This month, put your own PERSONAL ENERGY first and build your Energy Schedule!

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