Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Angels bring us our Silver Linings!

  Just before I took this picture,  I had been inside preparing a late(ish) dinner when all of a sudden my head snapped up and I was drawn to go to the back window.  My eyes must have been like saucers as I was drawn into the evening sky and the miraculous show the Angels were putting on for anyone who was drawn to gaze into the sunset as I was doing.  I quickly grabbed my camera and ran down to the dock to capture the moment.

One of my dear friends tends to call me 'silver lining woman' from time to time and so therefore it was in particular the cloud on the right that held my attention.  Just a moment before, the sun had been behind this cloud and the sky had been rather dark for a time.  HOWEVER, as the sun continued to shift, this very dark cloud held a beautiful silver lining and you can still see it along the upper edges at the right.  THAT IS, IF YOU FELT INCLINED TO LOOK FOR THE SILVER could see it.

Sometimes we get so focused on the big dark cloud that we have a kind of 'tunnel vision' here and are not seeing the whole picture.   Dark clouds have silver linings and in time as the sun continues to shift...we feel the sunshine again as the sun manages to come out from behind the cloud.

Life can be like that.  When your day seems overshadowed by a 'dark cloud' take a step back and FULLY LOOK at the whole situation (this may take some time to get beyond the emotions here) but there just may be a silver lining that you can consider here as you anticipate the 'sky clearing' and the sun shining again on you as you make your way forward on your Life path.

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