Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The POWER of Nature

When was the last time you took a walk outside?  And while a stroll to the mailbox certainly COUNTS as a walk outside it is just as important to place a priority on putting a walk in Nature on our 'to-do' lists.
And yes, for the record any time we step outside our front door we are engaging in the outdoors and receiving an Energy healing of sorts.  Just be breathing in the outside air we are kickstarting our Life force energy be removing any blockages within our Energy centres (yes, it's true!)

HOWEVER, if we are strolling down a city street listening to cars going by or cars honking or people shouting or...any and ALL of the above!  Then we are also still within the confines of our 'busy head syndrome'....we are technically 'in the moment' except that THIS moment is filled with tension and noise.

We NEED to place on our calendars time for stepping out of busy-busy moments and into STILL moments like when we are outside in Nature walking along trails or standing by the waters edge or strolling through a meadow.  This moment is one filled with the sound of bird's chirping, breezes blowing and.....hmmmm....nothing else.

This moment is completely still....and peaceful.....and HEALING TO THE SPIRIT.

Put some *POWERFUL NATURE TIME* on your calendar today....and increase your energy physically, mentally and emotionally!

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