Saturday, July 26, 2014

The New moon and NEW OPPORTUNITY!

TODAY IS NEW MOON and with this comes an opportunity to 'make a wish'!

This is NOT LIKE wishing on a star however IT IS just as or more powerful in that TODAY you get to INVITE NEW OPPORTUNITIES into your path.
Do you want a new career? Do you want to attract more business clients? Do you want/NEED a vacation? :)  Are you ready for a new relationship?...a new hobby?....a larger social circle?
Whatever the case may be...TODAY IS YOUR DAY!

~~~Write down ALL of the things, people, situations and opportunities that you would like to see brought into your life path...for RIGHT NOW, for the next few months or year and even in the distant future.

There are NO LIMITATIONS here!  DON'T EVERY LIMIT your ability to dream and dream big - and don't limit this list here today!

Tonight under the New moon, read through your list and FEEL IN YOUR HEART that these requests have been heard by your Angels and understood by the Universe.

I make it a practice to roll up my list, date the outside and then place it on a wee table in my 'Sacred space'.  I call this table my Angel table.  In this way, I am leaving this list up to my Angels and TRUSTING that they will bring these opportunities onto my Life path particularly and only those that will help me for my highest and best good.

I also then GET BUSY placing my Self OUT of "ASK mode" and INTO "RECEIVING mode".  If I KEEP asking and asking and affirming and I not just reminding and reminding my Angels that I asked for something and I don't have it yet?!

Why would I do this?  Do I not TRUST in Diving timing and that my Angels will lead me to where I need to go when I need to get there?  OF COURSE I DO!

Once I have asked ONCE, 
I TRUST that my Angels will bring to me what I need and when I need it.
 I have only to open my energy and my awareness by affirming daily -
"I open my arms wide to receive".

Enjoy your New moon today together with your Angels!

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