Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Whether we are talking about romantic relationships or  sudden impulses!  when we are being coached and prodded and PUSHED to DO SOMETHING by our Angel team .... we MUST follow this guidance....and DO IT BIG TIME!

if we are being guided towards an inspiration or an idea, a career change or a shift in lifestyle - if we are going to do something, then we should give it OUR BEST EFFORT.

If your 'dream Self' is calm and peaceful, fit and athletic, financially free.....then by all means - FOLLOW your Angel guidance and SET UP A SCHEDULE to get outside, ride your bike, do some meditation, set a new budget plan, change out the 'salt and vinegar chips night' for a 'veggie platter extravaganza evening'.  (hmmmm, we think she speaks from experience!)

Just MAKE SOME CHANGES and DO NOT look for results right away - or at all really!  The results are not the focus (at first and for a long while actually)

The POINT is that you have made some changes and TAKEN ACTION in a direction that is in keeping with your highest and BEST SELF and also followed the guidance from your own ANGEL TEAM.

Keep going and keep taking action EVERY DAY that is in YOUR BEST INTEREST.  Don't get distracted - do... BE FOCUSED and do....


It is in your own best interest.  :)  Shining Angel Light into your own best interests today and every day,
Stacey <3

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