Sunday, June 29, 2014

Put on your Angel wings

Where do you keep your wings? 
Do you have a special dresser drawer that you store them in or are you more apt to hang them up neatly in the closet with your evening wear?  

Maybe you are a bit more casual and simply keep them on the clothesline by the back door?  This way you can quickly 'grab & go' as you (literally as it would happen) FLY out the door on your way to an appointment that has you scheduling some assistance for yourself or someone else.  Maybe you are headed to lunch with a friend (possibly in need of an ear or a helping hand) or to your child's recital or to work where you can be helpful to others while earning a living and supporting those in your family circle.....

When you are wearing your Angel wings there are NO LIMITS to WHERE YOU CAN GO.

So, my next question is...
Why do you have to store them anywhere at all?  Why aren't you wearing them ALL THE TIME??!

Eat with them on, sleep with them on, walk with them on, talk with them on.  Wear them to work, to the grocery store, to school, to the bus stop, to the gym, to the park and so on.  While you are wearing your Angel wings you are able to support others ~ JUST AS YOU ARE BEING SUPPORTED.  

(ting ting! I think another Angel just got their wings:)  

Enjoy being surrounded in your Angel wings, today and every day!

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