Monday, May 5, 2014

Your JOURNEY with the Angels

Goin' somewhere? 
You're not sure? 
Are you waiting for something? someone?  ..... your ship to come in?  

Have you settled your Self down on the docks with a grim yet expectant look on your face and are counting the minutes until 'your something' happens?   

So, let me get this right.  You have dressed yourself up, taken the time to pack a bag and SET OFF in the direction of new opportunities....only to find your Self.....drifting along somewhere waiting....for something.....

IF ONLY you knew what you were waiting for?!

Right, ok.  This stops now.  Stop waiting.  Stop wondering.  
GET UP, nail a smile on your face and start walking.   *Notice I DIDN'T SAY, pick up your bag.  You have been carrying around that baggage for awhile now and THIS IS THE MOMENT TO DROP THE BAGGAGE.   
Just get up and start walking.  

At this point, it doesn't even REALLY matter in which direction - the point is, you are moving.  You are MOVING ON and MOVING FORWARD.  

Let's back this story up a bit. 
Sometimes our Angels and Guides bring us along so far by filling us full of inspirations and ideas.
Then as we get excited and feel 'gung ho' about these opportunities we start to 'take the reins', make plans, strategize and as we do so we feel IN CONTROL of ourselves and our situation and when we feel IN CONTROL - we SHUT OUT our Higher Self, our Angels and most if not all of our intuition, our guidance....Divine guidance.   When we shut this out, we get off track.  'Our control' may take us so far....but then eventually we realize that without our Angels help .... we are at loose ends, just drifting and waiting.  

The good news is that when we are 'drifting and waiting' we are NOT in control, we are vulnerable.   When we are vulnerable, we are also 'in surrender' and OPEN to all Angel guidance and inspiration.  

Be open to receiving all guidance - all of the time.  Make a plan and strategize your way forward however BALANCE out your planning time by being adaptable and flexible enough so that if your Angels SEE A BETTER WAY for you to move are open to accepting their suggestions and have trust and faith in their ability to bring you forward confidently to YOUR BEST LIFE. 

Walk forward and trust in your Angels!  

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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