Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Why not?  We can learn everything else? WHY NOT LEARN TO BE LUCKY?!!

You can't necessarily learn to be lucky by going to school or listening to countless stories of how lucky other people are or even WISHING to BE LUCKY.

YOU CAN learn to be lucky by believing that you can be.

That's right!  Merely HIT THE SWITCH that tells your Self deep down inside that you can be lucky.

Yes, I can feel some eyebrows raising with some quizzical glances!  Maybe you have tried this before and it hasn't worked.  Maybe you have purchased your lottery ticket and affirmed and affirmed and meditated as well on your own luck and good fortune and then.......(wa wa wahhhh)  nothing.

Look at luck in a different way and open up to NEW OPPORTUNITIES that will bring good fortune, good friends, new experiences, good energy and abundance in all things - your way.  Believe in your own ability to be lucky.  As you are doing this you are believing in your Self and you are also able to look around and see other people .... believing in themselves.  You feel your Self supporting them in their journey and wishing them good fortune and abundance and guess what?!   You can also feel this energy being SENT right back TO YOU!

This exchange of positive and abundant energy creates a MAGNET for abundance!  Opportunities that will lead you further along your Life path open up in front of you

AND HERE IS 'the thing' this time, you have to realize that these opportunities have opened up for you SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE THEM!   So, don't just sit there and stare at opportunity with your mouth open or worse yet.....turn it down.....TAKE IT!  Go big or go home people and when you are LEARNING TO BE LUCKY....then you are 'going BIG'.

Today, take some lucky steps forward!

Shining Angel Light and blessings your way,

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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