Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8 ways to meditate - NO EXCUSES!

"C'mon!  EVERYONE's DOING IT"  Can you FEEL the peer pressure and the repeated messages to meditate.MEDITATE.meditate!!

Many people are meditating regularly and have experienced increased feelings of peace, serenity and strength.  They even feel physically stronger and more motivated to MOVE FORWARD on their life path.

They are able to organize and prioritize and TAKE ACTION STEPS towards goals and dreams with a single minded focus and clarity they had not previously experienced...or even thought was possible...for them.

Doesn't that SOUND GOOD??  Don't you want some of that?  OF COURSE you do.

Many who have tried to meditate will profess that 'they can't do it'.  They have closed their eyes and taken a couple of deep breaths and as their mind whirred and clicked from grocery list to work appointments...they gave a little laugh and said - 'Ok, I'm done.  I tried and I can't do it'.

Too bad.

The 'up side' is so HUGE.  Isn't it worth trying again?

Open up your mind to trying a few different ways to meditate.  Change it up now and then.  You don't have to spend an hour in a dimly lit room, chanting mantras in candlelight ..... although that sounds absolutely AMAZING and I believe I will do JUST THAT after I finish writing here!

There are many ways we can fit in some meditative moments into our daily routine that will reap some incredible benefits for you if you do one or even some of them - every day.

1. Take 3 deep breaths in and out - each breath a little deeper and fuller than the one before it...each breath out.... a little longer than the one before.   Allow your mind to go completely blank as you do so focusing only on your breath.  (As my eyes 'fuzz over', I call this my mental reset button.  *Do not do while driving....or at least wait for a red light!)

2. Choose some favourite positive statements and then 'take them for a walk'!   As you walk through your neighbourhood or along a path in the park on your lunch break think only of these statements.  Repeat them in time to your step "I am joy.  I am strength.  I am peace.  I am completely healed on every level; physically, emotionally and mentally.  I receive abundance in all areas of my life"  ... or any statements that really work for you at this time. It could be a few ~  or simply one ~ statement that really resonates with you.

3.  Join a group meditation.  The stillness and energy resonating from the group will also enhance your own ability to tap into your own place of meditative quiet.

4.  Listen to a guided meditation.  My youtube channel Angels and Energy features a Chakra clearing meditation as well as some 10 minute meditations and I welcome you there  however youtube itself has SO MANY meditations available to you...for whatever length of time you are able to devote here....pick one of them and do it!

5.  Download some of the meditations onto your phone or Ipod and spend your subway time or carpool time ...  in a meditative moment.

6.  Join a yoga class and not only benefit from the physical exercise but also connect with some meditative moments here.  Feel your physical Self and your spiritual Self....strengthen and clarify!

7.  Just being outside....listening to any and all nature sounds, breathing in the fresh air and revelling in the beauty of nature around you.  Focus on your breath....feel how your shoulders and chest rise and fall with each breath.  Focus on bringing the strength of Mother Earth energy within you by allowing yourself to truly appreciate the outside and BREATHE in the power of the Earth.  By BEING outside and VISUALIZING your own strength aligning you are connecting powerfully with the Earth and also your Higher Self.

8. Set aside 10 minutes at your desk or in your office to pop in your earbuds and set your Ipod to some Nature music.  Listening to the waves crashing in on the shore or birds singing in the forest while you breathe in deeply, eyes closed...helps you to visualize and place yourself there.  Transport yourself to a place in Nature and enjoy this mini break away from stressors....in your meditative moment.

Of course, setting aside some time at the beginning or end of your day and committing to your meditation practice is the ultimate connection here but you are well able to round out your meditative moments - each and every day......NO EXCUSES!  :)

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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