Saturday, April 5, 2014

GROW FORWARD.....Naturally!

Feel the wonder, the awe, the magnificence !   of GROWTH around you. 
EVERYTHING is growing!  
Everywhere we look, wherever we are at...all around us there is growth and change and .... wonder and awe.  
Whether we are walking through the park noticing the trees and the birds around us or maybe we are starting to sprout our Spring seeds at home before we plant them in our gardens.   Perhaps we are watching how our work relationships, our career, our friendships are also growing and changing and EVOLVING around us....constantly moving forward and growing. 

SEE WITHIN YOUR SELF as you are growing, changing, evolving and adapting to life's precious moments and allow your Self to move with this current.  Go with the energy of growth that is moving around and just BECOME PART OF IT.  As we become a part of this moving energy rather than trying to control or direct it....we are able to truly receive the wonder and the full extent of the abundance this growth has to give to us.  Accept it.  Go with it.  

A plant doesn't TRY and EFFORT and CONTROL it's way to growth.  It merely accepts the nourishment that it's environment has to offer moving always towards the Light and in this way, reaches it's full potential. 
 As storms move in and pelt down the rain, the snow and the winds ~ the plant simply bends and bows under the elements and inevitably when the skies once again stretches upwards towards the Light, receiving the EXTRA nutrients that has been provided by the storm and continues to flourish.  

We can GROW FORWARD in the very same way.  
Ensure that you are in a place and with people where you are able to allow your Self to be nourished by your surroundings.  Let go of control and effort and SIMPLY BE always reaching for the Light;  the good in others, your Angels and Higher self wisdom, your inner guidance.  When the storms come simply be flexible and weather it out, the skies will shine again and so will you.  Feel the growth and STAY IN WONDER AND AWE of being a part of this miraculous process...our Life path. 

Shining Light out to you ~ thank you for shining back my way,
Stacey MacDonald

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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