Thursday, April 17, 2014


There is AT LEAST ONE THING that you like and maybe even LOVE ... about your Self.

You might love your smile, or your laugh or your ability to be a good friend to others. Maybe you like your hair or you may admire your beautiful hands or your face complexion.  You might really like the fact that you have a firm handshake and when you give your word to people, they believe you ~ you have a high level of integrity.

It might be any one of a number of personal qualities.

HEY! Maybe you are one of the 'lucky ones' and you like and even LOVE MANY qualities about your Self.

Regardless, MAKE IT YOUR FOCUS to find as many things about your Self that you like, love, admire and respect.....and then TELL YOUR SELF often what a GREAT JOB you are doing and how wonder-full you are.

Because you know what?.....


LOVE your physical Self and your emotional Self......and be your own biggest supporter in all ways.

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald