Monday, February 24, 2014

TRY something NEW! The A-Z DIRECTORY

When was the last time you tried something new?

You are looking at a sport (AGAIN) that IN NO WAY you have the audacity to join....PLEASE!  .... you are NO athlete and YET...
here it is.... in your face... AGAIN

You are inclined to think about another crafting hobby or another outdoor activity WHERE YOU HAVE NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE....
(everyone will be so more advanced than I am....oooohhh.)
Possibly, they will be HOWEVER....when something comes up and up and up

in your mind....
your HIGHER SELF is most DEFINITELY NOT bringing this into you awareness so that you might flourish as a great athlete or take the art world by storm....

YOU ARE BEING LED INTUITIVELY into an area where your SOUL has the most to gain.

Very often if not always,  this 'gain' is not at a level to where you can comprehend that there has been ANYTHING gained inspirationally...
and SO BE IT.

Here's the thing, if you...your SOUL is being tweaked again and again to try something....even if it makes NO SENSE, it may be totally incongruous to what YOU THINK you might be capable of...

STEP OUT OF THE BOX this year and dare something different, DO something different and BE something different.
Even though it may seem unrelated, by choosing something COMPLETELY off your list of 'things that you are comfortable with'....can activate powerful Life force Energy which helps us to manifest our goals and dreams for our physical Life path.

Challenge your Self forward!!
As I always say, choose one, some, all or none as you feel guided placing your Self out of your comfort zone you are CHOOSING a POWER-FULL PATH FORWARD.

I have shared during training sessions that there have been times in my life where I felt COMPELLED to take different courses where it was completely outside my comfort level.  I have taken downhill ski lessons, tennis lessons (most recently) and improv acting classes.....all of these 'failed miserably' as far as being adept at the sport or activity AND YET


my POINT was NOT to excel at the was only to step out of my comfort zone and unearth another level of my Self...which I did...and gained SO MUCH from and on so many levels.

So what is next for me?
NEVER MIND..... !!!!

What is next for you?

.... am going to check of at LEAST 2-3 boxes of the following to complete over the next  6 months!
I know I stand to gain exponentially from placing my Self OUTSIDE THE BOX!

JOIN ME!  and FEEL THE POWER of something NEW!

What do YOU promise??!

Feel free to CHOOSE from the following or ...follow your own heart;

a)dragon boating
b)tennis anyone?
c)golf lessons
e)rock climbing
h)improv acting classes
i)pottery/jewellery classes
k)book club
n)geo caching
p)jet skiing
r)zip lining
s)bird watching
v)cliff diving
x)watching the sun rise
y)watching the sun set
z)loving and celebrating your Self.

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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