Monday, February 3, 2014


So many times on our Life path we spend time looking for the way, our path, the Light.
What should I do?  What decision is the 'right' one? Where should I go?
So many choices and few.

This is what it feels like to move through life - in the dark.   We can go to all kinds of analogies from versions of 'Pin the tail on the donkey' where life has us blindfolded, spins us around and around and then sets us loose to try to 'win the day'.  
Another example of this type of confusion is trying to win a game of darts....after someone has turned out the lights.  
No, thank you.

The common denominator here is .... either we are being blindfolded or someone has turned out the lights.  Either way...WE CAN NOT SEE.

To move forward powerfully.....HOLD move forward AT ALL... we need to SEE.

To see... we need light.  To see where we need to 'pin the tail on the donkey' we need to have our blindfold off and to 'have our head on straight' (STOP SPINNING ME!!  :)
and to have a clear shot at a game of darts....someone needs to snap on the lights to give us a fighting chance!

This is how life is and THIS is how our Angels work with us also.   If we are in a situation where 'the lights are off' .... we need to find a situation where 'the lights are on' to ensure that we are able to move forward.  

It's just that simple.  If we can't see - we can't progress.

Once you have positioned your Self and you are able to move forward powerfully and with feel calmer and stronger and healthier and....more your Self.  


Never mind, it DOES GET BETTER.

NOW, you ARE Light.

You have experienced what it is to try to navigate in the Dark.  (Who? Where? WHAT IS HAPPENING?)  and you have also experienced what it is to find your way clear of there and bask in the Light.  

In the Light, all things are Right.

SO! NOW you can BE THE LIGHT...for others.    FEEL it, BE it and SHINE your LIGHT for all of those around as only you can do.  

Shining Light into your pathway and into your Lighthouse  -  Shine BRIGHTLY!

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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