Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KNOW Peace

It's true, we can't control much.
It's 'MORE true' that we do not 'control' is much easier, better and ultimately more fruitful....when we just go with the flow.

HOWEVER.....(were you waiting for this?  Those that know me well and read often certainly were waiting for the 'but/however'....)

WHAT WE CAN 'CONTROL' is our level of peace within and without.

Firstly, when we focus on peace within....then every thing, every person, every piece of expected/unexpected news, every new development in 'the plan' simply.....simple.

'It is what it is' - and when you consistently and vigilantly bring your awareness back to a state of peace....everything is simple, logical and you think and act with clarity.  Some things need to be 'acted on' while other things simply need to be 'waited on'.  More pieces of the puzzle need to fall in place before actions or thoughts can be clear.  In the meantime,  FOCUS ON PEACE WITHIN and that will enable those 'pieces of the puzzle' to come to you much easier and much more quickly.  Focus on Peace.

*When you are not focused on a state of peace, every thing and everybody threatens to foil your every plan, you feel you have to think and rethink every thought, every action of your own....of everyone else' must plan every waking minute of every must analyze past actions and try to tweak them to ensure better results in future...think think think....this is a problem.   

Instead....focus on peace.....simplicity....what will be will be.

Secondly, create an atmosphere of peace around you.  In your words and your actions to others however ALSO and in some cases more importantly, in your words and actions to your Self, with your inner voice. What are the types of comments you use with your Self?  Are you supportive?  Are you kind?
From a 'physical' perspective, you can create an environment of peace by surrounding your Self with people that are kind and power-full.  Light some candles, use your favourite colours to decorate, DO AWAY WITH CLUTTER, spend time outside, 'bring the outside in' with indoor gardening (start your seeds sprouting for your summer garden)  purchase cut flowers weekly and feel their energy essence lend healing to your work space, your home and those around you.  Spend time with people who are of 'like minds' and of similar energy....simply put, you 'have a connection' with these people!  They help you to feel peaceful and centred - don't question it, just trust it!

What's the point?  When we create an atmosphere of peace around us and a consistent state of peace within us....we are WIDE OPEN to RECEIVING guidance and direction and ASSISTANCE from our Angels, Higher Self and from the Universe, from Source.

That's a great point.  

Sending peace out to you, your family, your friends, your relationships, your work space and your home....from my heart to yours.....KNOW peace.

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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