Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First FULL MOON of 2014 - tonight!

This magical Full Moon tonight allows us to RELEASE for the first time this year!  That's right!  ANY residual unwanted energies from 2013 that we feel might still be 'hanging around' ...can be SWEPT AWAY tonight.
Some of you are 'with me' on this and others I can feel pursing their lips and saying 'WHAT is she on about??!"

The Full moon energy gives you a chance to LET GO of any thoughts, behaviours, situations etc. that are not helping you on your Life Path.

For example, maybe you are someone who works hard and has some success and then 'negative self talk' swoops in to 'bring you down' and that impedes your ability to not only enjoy your success - but it also makes bringing another success your way .... so much more difficult.
TONIGHT - negative self talk is a thing of the DOES NOT EXIST around you anymore!

Another example;  You might be the type of person that is not able to set personal boundaries or EVEN if you do manage to set them - you are completely unable to adhere to them and as a result, everyone else's NEEDS AND WANTS come before your own.  In this manner, you constantly leave your Self out of your timetable and
NO MORE!   Tonight, the Full Moon energy can help you to ensure that any blockages you had to ensuring that 'you make your own list' of needs and wants .... dissolve completely. As a result, your needs and wants are officially on your timetable going forward!

This goes for many other things also.  Perhaps there is another behaviour that you would like to SHIFT or maybe you want some 'energy assistance' to bring a current job situation to a close or to sell your house or condo -   TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT!

Simply by acknowledging this evening which areas in your life that you would like to see shifted or moved on, allows this energy to go to work on your behalf.  Some like to write a list of things they are focusing on while others choose to just sit and think about them over a cup of tea while staring up at the Full moon.

Of course, if you can spend some time outside under the moon you can also benefit from the healing energy it has to offer you.   Make no mistake, the moon tonight appears to be 'tiny' in size (the smallest this year) however the energy it has to offer you is POWERFUL. 

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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