Saturday, January 18, 2014


There comes a time on everyone's life path where we will be forced - PUSHED - to be courageous.  This may come more naturally for some than others and it might come MORE OFTEN for some than others.
Some find it quite easy to be courageous 'on behalf of others' however when they are called to be courageous for their own benefit...or survival...well now - that is a different story entirely.   For some, they are 'natural defenders' and know instinctively how to act and when ... for others however when it is time to stand their ground for their own sakes this instinct can be diminished....considerably.

Others have never, not even once, stood up for themselves and their beliefs.  In some cases, it may be difficult to EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR OWN BELIEFS ARE - so used to sticking up for others or focusing attention away from themselves, they are not used to looking takes courage to even look within.....after all, who knows what you may find?

Our Angels PUSH us to look within.  They FORCE us to situations and states of mind which allow us to DISCOVER OUR REAL SELF.  This takes courage....and vigilance.

Our real Self, once discovered can need some extra work as far as continuing to 'dig out' some strengths and characteristics that further develop our 'REAL-ness'.  Keep digging! It's worth it.  Think of it like an archaeological dig site that you have cordoned off.  One treasure has been found and you and your Angel team are going to keep brushing away bits of sand and debris until some more treasures have been found!  In our mental image we are using soft brushes, pails and such -  however in real life....

....our Angels have a slightly different method.  Generally not as 'serene' an image as in this case our Angels will push and prod us to climb out of our comfort zone and into situations where we might feel nervous, agitated, fearful - at the very least the very most....scared stiff!  These are the types of situations where we might not like the process per se however what can be gained from a personal growth and discovery aspect - can be dramatic.  You may not see the results, the benefits right away - but TRUST in this process.

This could be anything from getting back into the dating scene to conquering your fear of flying to increasing your business plan or learning a new sporting activity......almost anytime we bring our Selves out of our comfort zone to try something new - there is something to be gained PARTICULARLY if what you have chosen to do has kept 'popping up' in your mind for the last 'little while', sporadically and when you were not really expecting it to.

This is how Angel inspirations come to us - sporadically and unexpectedly. If your Angels are pushing you out of your comfort zone and leading you into 'unchartered waters' - consider that it might be Archangel Ariel showing you the way forward AND UNCOVERING HIDDEN STRENGTHS WITHIN THE 'REAL YOU'.

Trust and be courageous!

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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