Monday, December 23, 2013

TIME...our New Beginning.

TIME is the FOCUS for this season....and more importantly for our NEW YEAR...our NEW focus....our NEW beginning. 
Not having enough TIME is ....quite frankly ... a thing of the past. 
Going forward-we have ENOUGH time for EVERYTHING. 
This becomes our only focus as we move forward toward OUR New year and OUR new beginning. 
Know that this year provides us with MORE time. 
Be grateful for MORE time. MORE TIME will become apparent to you as we progress through this 'new focus' going forward.  
FOR YEARS, we have been focused on how 'the years keep getting faster', 'there is no time for the things I WANT TO DO', 'I WISH I had MORE TIME.....sigh'.....
As we FOCUS on this LACK of time, of course this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  You have LESS and less and less and less time - for the things you want to do. Period. 
We are FOCUSING this year on CHANGING TACK. When you are sailing on boat, you 'change tack' to ensure that you are moving more effectively WITH (not against...this bears repeating....NOT AGAINST) the forces of nature around you.  When you are sailing a boat this might mean current, wind etc.  When you are charting your Life course, this may mean business issues, personal endeavours, relationship matters, family name it - we all have it!  and THIS, is  a blessing!  We are GRATEFUL for all we have on our Path...and yet.....
THIS YEAR  - some of us will focus on HOW ALL OF THIS allows us to have MORE time and not less - to focus on GROWING OUR SELVES forward on every level; physically, spiritually and emotionally.

I look forward to spending MORE TIME with we will BOTH have the opportunity to drop in on each MORE often
Stay tuned ~ for a VERY power-full year.  
Sending blessings your way, 
Stacey MacDonald

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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