Tuesday, December 10, 2013


7 MORE SLEEPS to the Full Moon! DECEMBER 17. 
NOT just ANY Full moon! This one offers us a power-full opportunity to RELEASE (yes, yes, this we know) however the timing is such that this gives an opportunity to release just as we are preparing to LAUNCH our Selves into our incredible year 2014!

Now, without all the fanfare/capital letters/exclamation points....seriously. Make your list in your head or on paper (always better) of the things that do not work for you. Things within your Self, things that you do, things that you say, things that you think and also --- the things AROUND you. Other people that say and do things that don't support you, 'obligations' that don't make you feel empowered etc.

Some of these things you can release and some, while you might not be able to release that person or situation right away - YOU CAN RELEASE the emotional hold this person or situation has on you - release your attachment to the significant and recurring emotional response this brings up in you - SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE. !! (back to the fanfare 
I feel very passionate about this however and for those that also feel passionate and COMMITTED to real and lasting positive change on their pathway forward in 2014??.....

I suggest some capital letters and exclamation marks on that list you are making....start today!

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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