Sunday, December 29, 2013

Angels in our midst

We have Angels in our midst.....all around us, everywhere we are - they are.  
And while it might not always seem like they are looking out for can be sure that every decision we make is Divinely guided and orchestrated by our Angel team.  
We have our own personal Guardian Angels, assigned to us when we entered this particular Life Path. They work very closely with us all the way through our journey here.  
In partnership with them we also have our Spirit guides as well as our loved ones (friends and family) who have passed over from this life and yet continue to check in on us from time to time and leave information, clues and messages for us to comfort and also to guide us forward positively and confidently  --  you can trust this guidance also, it is meant for you. 

We also have our Archangels who work powerfully with us as we move forward day by day.  Each of the Archangels have their own unique characteristics that allow them to move in and specifically help us with certain circumstances as they arise.  As we begin to work with the Archangels, we also begin to recognize when one of the Archangels are around us based on the clues that they may leave around for us.  This is their own personal communication style and as you begin to recognize their style, you are also able to develop your own style of communicating with them.  
For example, Archangel Michael - one of the most known and recognized of the Archangels - works with us for protection and shielding from dangerous or negative life experiences. He guides us out of harm's way.  One of the strongest ways he guides us is through dream communication and even if you generally do not remember your dreams, simply asking Archangel Michael to also help you to connect with your dream guidance just before drifting off to sleep can help you in this area as well. If you are vigilant with this and keep with it, soon enough you will begin to remember 'seemingly' random objects or ideas/thoughts from your dream patterns.  Keep a log of these as you are beginning to build your relationship with Michael. 
Not as well known is Archangel Azrael who is in charge of the bridge that connects us on the physical plane to those who have passed over.  While his characteristics include other areas as well, he is most known for helping us to connect with our departed loved ones, friends and family.  We can ask Azrael to help us to connect with a certain loved one and send a sign to be left in the physical world as proof of that connection.   

There are 15 major Archangels who each flow into and out of our presence, like the ebb and flow of the waves at the beach, as they are needed.   Each of them have their area of strength which they share with us when asked or directed to.  Many times, the Archangels will work in groups or partnerships at certain times for us so that we might feel the full power of protection, connection, guidance, strength, comfort and more in order to move through a challenging situation. 

Many people who believe in their Angel team and work with them regularly each day are not only strengthened by this support however by believing in them fully they are also acting as Angel Lights to shine out that same guidance and support to others. The Angels are always so appreciative of those who continue to shine their Light on the physical plane as the more this Light shines, the brighter all of our pathways become. 
Still, others might have some difficultly in believing that a strong level of communication can be held with each of their Angels as certain situations arise - that is just fine.  This might be you and to this the Angels say 'Take your time'  ~  but even by reading this article you have opened a window to where your Angels might be more able to surround you with their guidance, support and protection.  Sometimes, that is all that is needed - a start.  

Shining Angel Light out to you, 
Stacey MacDonald

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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