Sunday, December 8, 2013


They say "It's all in the little things that make the BIG differences", the BIG changes, the BIG opportunities, the BIG 'life changers'.....

...and they are RIGHT.

If you are waiting and waiting and WAITING for an Angel miracle to happen in your life ... or to happen in someone else's life that you are close to....consider the fact that it has already happened.  Wha?!!

Yes, sometimes our miracle has already happened.  The cogs in the machine are turning in situations around you (some you can see, most you can't) where bit by bit, one small thing happening after another in situation by situation that are all linked together in your Angels "Divine Timing" notebook....and your bigger miracle is on the way to you right now.  So, BREATHE.

THEY have it all under control - your Angels I mean.  They always look after your best interests and bring the best possible solutions to you every way of miracles happening around you.

Yes, sometimes YOU have to 'get the ball rolling' by performing a miracle yourself!!!   So by doing some small miracle ON YOUR can set in motion an Angel domino effect that will bring YOUR miracle to you.

It's in the little things that you are able to set this machine in motion.  It's cold outside and you notice some tiny birds on the back fence and so you head off to the store to purchase a bird feeder and some seed for them. (and delight all day as you 'google' the types of birds that come to call!)   or you spend time chatting with a neighbour that you haven't spoken to before or maybe you reach out to an older relative or help someone to their car with their heavy grocery bags.  

IT SEEMS LIKE THIS MIGHT BE UNRELATED to your current situation or predicament or area where you are asking for your Angel Miracle to come to pass.

However, every small miracle that YOU perform....puts another wheel in motion for your Angels to be able to provide miracles FOR YOU.

Start today and perform many small miracles in your world.

Shining Angel Light and Miracles into your pathway,
Stacey MacDonald

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