Friday, December 27, 2013

ATTENTION and INTENTION & your Angels!

Align your thoughts and intentions with those of your Angels.  
Your Angels wish for you to have ONLY kind thoughts.
They wish for you to behave ONLY with supporting actions 
and most of all, 
they wish for you to KNOW that all of these thoughts and actions begin 
with the way you think of your Self and act for your Self.  

As you shine this attention within 
and make this your INtention 
within you and around you.....your WHOLE CIRCLE SHINES BRIGHTER.  

Never before has it been so important to treat your Self and others with kindness and respect and APPRECIATION.  Some people have been treating others with more of this kind of attention and INtention than they have been treating themselves. 

Others have been focused on treating themSelves with this attention and INtention however it is now important to shine that Light outwards AS WELL. 
Others, have been balancing these attentions and INtentions for years....all their life....and I say "Good job!  THANK YOU for shining your Light so brightly so others may benefit and follow your example!"
If this IS you, then you may take your pat on the back and KEEP GOING!  and if you still have some work to do here - either within your Self or out to others - well then you are in very good company as we all find our way forward in a positive and power-full way with our NEW ATTENTION AND INTENTIONS.  

We'll be speaking about this, meditating on this and working with our Angels on this - on Saturday January 4 12-3pm.....for more information or to register go to the Shop Online page on my website.  
See you there and meanwhile, KEEP SHINING!   

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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