Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A gift for you ~ Guess what's inside?

It's beautiful isn't it?   The wrapping is pristine, the bow is perfect, corners are finished - it definitely looks like a professional job.  Ahhhh, a job well done.  And it SHOULD BE PERFECT because I have spent HOURS working on it.  I have fretted about ensuring that each detail of the wrapping, NO MATTER what angle you happened to view your gift from .... is perfect.  I actually thought I was 'done' and it was ready to present to you yesterday but then when I inspected it a little closer I found that it was not quite PERFECT and decided to work a little harder on it before I did the unveiling.  TADA!

I wonder what is inside?  WHO CARES!  The wrapping is brilliant! (don't look too closely)  I think we should just enjoy the wrapping .... for a few minutes.... and then we can spend the rest of the day looking for the NEXT gift.  Who knows?  Maybe the NEXT gift will be wrapped even MORE PERFECTLY.

Life can be like that.

'The giver' can spend so long ensuring that the packaging, the outside of the gift, the 'surface side' of a  gift, a moment of 'just perfect' that the ACTUAL GIFT gets lost, sometimes entirely.

'The receiver' can enjoy the packaging of a gift, of each moment and then be distracted by .... the ZILLIONS of things going on at any moment in time in everyone's day!.... and lose the gift as well as the actual sentiment of the gift in the haze of distraction and the quest to get 'the next gift' has already begun.

BY THE WAY, guess what is inside?

Our own personal freedom.  Huh.   Wha?!

When both 'the giver' and 'the receiver' spend more time focusing on what is INSIDE each gift, each person, each moment, each thought, each shared exchange.....than THE WRAPPING that has been placed around it (how someone looks, how they dress, what job title do they have, how YOU are dressed, 'is there something in my teeth?' etc)

We arrive at personal freedom....AND WE ALSO extend that out to others in every moment with every thought and every shared exchange.


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