Sunday, October 20, 2013

How DEEP are you?

How deep are you?  How DEEP do you let others see you to be?  How much do you show of your Self to the world?  All of you?  or only a small, tiny bit....just the slightest fraction of you is shown outwardly to the people on your Path.

Interesting.  Why is that do you think?  Why are you 'one person' to some and 'a different person' with others?
Well, it is true that different situations bring out different sides of us.  We show our strengths in some cases and in others we feel 'safer' to show also our 'weaknesses' or perceived weaknesses....our sensitivities.

What if just for a time we got used to showing ALL of our Self to all people on our Path?  What if as a collective whole we ALL decided to show ALL of our Selves to ALL people in ALL situations?

Could we take our guards down, our barriers down, our self perceptions down and our expectations and judgements away and.....simply BE?
Well, we can certainly begin in that general direction!

Going forward, make a conscious decision to show MORE of your Self to others.
Decide to SHARE MORE of your Self with others.
Watch in amazement as your Self  - your INNER SELF -  grows in confidence and inner strength as you honour all parts of your Self in this way.

Continue SHARING and continue GROWING.  This is a beautiful cycle to be a part of!
....and something else...
The MORE you do of this....the MORE others around you do it!  And soon, you have an entire Pathway lined with people who are all giving EVERY part of themselves to EVERY situation!

GET OUT THERE TODAY and SHARE your Self!    Show EVERY wonder-full PART of YOU!

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Sending blessings your way, Stacey MacDonald

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