Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ARCHANGEL Gabriel says 'We're all just BIG KIDS'!

Archangel Gabriel so strongly around us today asking us to find time to connect with our Inner child today. SET ASIDE the to-do's, the 'serious faces' and the feelings of RESPONSIBILITY even for just a short time today and....treat your Self to an ice cream, watch a funny show and LAUGH! or take some time at lunch to walk outside and drag your feet through some fallen leaves....pick something today and celebrate being 'a kid at heart'! 'Get a piece of your Self BACK' in the process! 

Inner child UPDATE:
AND SO!   
This morning, I have been following Archangel Gabriel's guidance and took some 'time out' from morning to-do's to take my coffee to the Lake where I felt completely healed and restored while sipping my coffee (I did not forget my mittens and cozy boots) The waves were CRASHING in! I could feel the spray touch my cheeks each time just like the an Angel cleansing as I thought 'how blessed am I?' gazing out at the water touching the sky, sun streaming down on me. AWESOME. !! 

Also, once I had been restored by the water's edge - I carried on with my morning and now that I had been in touch with my inner child, I NOTICED how others around me seemed to be doing the very same thing! 

I saw a woman in her 70's spring out of her car in a parking lot with a bag of bird seed mixed with bread crumbs and as I watched...she emptied the whole bag onto the pavement and then stood there laughing as birds (from a variety of species) completely surrounded her and gobbled up the spontaneous breakfast! She was there enjoying the show for awhile (as was I a few rows away) both of us grinning ear to ear. 

I went on to pick up some things at the department store and there was a man behind me purchasing a model remote control car. The cashier commented 'Are you getting a start on your Christmas shopping?' and he replied laughing 'What? No! This is for ME! I'm just a BIG KID AT HEART'

Aren't we all? 

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