Sunday, September 15, 2013

Plant the seed

What are you waiting for?  Plant - the - seed.  
Sometimes we can find ourselves waiting around for 'the harvest' and yet, we MISSED THE STEP of planting the seed!
Sometimes we wait around for the harvest and --- are expecting a BIG yield on the crop --- and yet...we have only planted ONE seed.
If you are expecting to have a bumper crop this year THEN you better have planted MANY seeds, watered them and tended to them throughout the season.
...and some seasons are longer than others... !

Are you getting me here?
As we go along our own individual life's journey, it is KEY that we continue to plant seeds along the way.  It doesn't take long to do it and can easily fit in with our daily schedule.
For example, some types of 'crops' you might expect to harvest from a seed planted today;
Seed - meditation   Harvest - Peace of mind
Seed - plenty of rest  Harvest - overall wellness
Seed - plenty of exercise    Harvest - overall wellness
Seed - be kind    Harvest - receive kindness
Seed - hope   Harvest - abundance
Seed - faith    Harvest - abundance
Seed - love and trust  Harvest - loving and loyal companions

and so on.
Plant some seeds today.  Some harvests come sooner than others....don't focus on the 'when'.....JUST KEEP PLANTING.

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