Thursday, September 19, 2013


There comes a point in time where all the details have been looked at, all the pro's have been slotted up against the con's, all the judgements have been waived, all the possible outcomes/shortcomings have been considered, all the action steps towards the goal have been taken, all the measures have been checked....and double checked......

Ok, so NOW what?  Well,  while we seem to have MASTERED the Art of Preparation for a shift, a change, an opportunity, a new pathway.....
AT SOME POINT we just have to take the leap.  We have to hit the GO button and let the ride take us to wherever it is we are going.   We have to trust. We have to MEET SQUARELY the results that come to us and embrace them as .....?   all part of the ride....meant to be.

Eventually, all rides come to an end just as different situations and experiences in our daily life also come to an end.  Whether we have enjoyed the last ride or not, we have learned from it and the REAL WINNING comes from .... getting on another ride.
Tuck all of your experiences into your 'vault of knowledge and wisdom' and keep going, keep experiencing, keep believing and keep trusting.  Your Angel Team has another ride, another experience tailor made just for you!  Enjoy the ride!

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