Monday, September 2, 2013

Are you WIRED?


How hard is it for you to just 'turn it off'?!  
Are you 'hard wired for BUSY'?  
Do you leap / crawl out of bed in the morning and JUST   S T A R T    G O I N G??!!
Go, go, go  - busy, busy, busy - it never stops.  Never.  When it starts to do a 'natural slow down'....
you DIAL IT BACK UP again!

I want to tell you and more importantly, your Angel Team wants to tell you that this is JUST NOT NORMAL behaviour people and it's JUST NOT HEALTHY.  Period.  
I wish we could sugar coat this for you except that sometimes what is needed is COLD TURKEY.  FULL STOP.   

If it makes you feel better you can 'hard wire' some time into your packed schedule for some DOWN time.  Write in "RELAX" onto your calendar....and then keep that appointment!  

Making sure that we have time for everything and everything in it's own time is Archangel Raguel.  Helping us to KNOW within our hearts that for all of our striving and efforting forward - THERE IS A LIMIT to this as to all things and when we feel like we are approaching, at or beyond our limit.....we MUST make time to simply relax.  

Whatever great things we have put into motion by our own effort will now become part of a bigger picture that will BRING TO US the realization of our dreams.  NOT by continuing to EFFORT NON-STOP but by building in a balance of effort and relax time into our DAILY schedule.   

So, come on down out of the tree, take the toothpicks from your eyes ..... and BREATHE!  
Go and DO something FUN! 

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