Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A GREAT place to START

Right now at this very moment is.....a great time to start.
Right now, where you find your Self at - in this moment!  - is a great PLACE to START.
Just decide that RIGHT NOW you WILL START.   It's just that easy.
Many great changes - NAY!  ALL great change begins with a decision to just START.

What should you start?  You KNOW what you should start.  There is one thing at the back (side? forefront?) of your mind that has been there for some time.  What started as a seed of an idea has grown and grown - taken shape in the recesses of your awareness - and now has become a more regular portion of your conscious mind.  THIS is what you can start on now.   Take a step forward on this and simply DECIDE TO BEGIN.

The road to your goal may seem long....it may even look like there are not any 'perks' along the way....or rest stops for that matter.  AND --- you may be right.  There MAY BE no perks or rest stops along the way, only one foot in front of the other....one step at a time....one moment at a time.
Conversely, there may be MANY bright spots along the way --- you WILL NOT KNOW ...until you begin.

The facts remain;
Whether you keep your head up, focused on your goal, keeping your gaze fixated on the finish line, marking your progress every centimetre at a time
Whether you keep your head down and know within your heart that you are moving forward in the right direction, regardless of time frame, regardless of who is watching - you are moving forward in the RIGHT direction and trust that all will fall into place as needed
Whether you tell EVERYONE your start time and map outline as your way of setting your intentions to the Universe and to all around -  that you are ON YOUR WAY
Whether you tell NO ONE at all, except your Self

There is no RIGHT WAY for starting.
You start in your own way, with your own intentions, your own rulebook, your own timekeeper (or not), your own guidance system
AND your own Angel Team guiding you along in the proper sequence of events .... tailor made FOR YOU, BY THEM.

If YOUR Angel Team is suggesting that YOU START today.....then simply decide to do so....it's the perfect time and place!

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Sending blessings to you, 
Stacey MacDonald